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Surya's Healing Ayurvedic Bath Soaks

$ 35.00

Surya's Ayurvedic Bath Soaks provide the luxury of a healing Ayurvedic treatment in the comfort of your own home. Natural epsom salts, organic mined sea salts and Ayurvedic herbs mix to soothe and restore, in an experience that's profoundly relaxing and genuinely healing. These are the same baths, with the same light compression, sold in The Four Seasons, in Beverly Hills.

--The VATA CALMING SOAK, with Lavender Flowers & Ashwagandha, soothes the mind, opens the heart, and prepares us for a settled evening and deeply relaxing sleep.

--The PITTA COOLING SOAK, with Rose Petals & Neem Leaves, helps the calm emotions, quench the fire that an aggravating day can bring, and restore serenity.

--The MUSCLE RELIEF SOAK, with Calendula & Arnica Flowers, takes away the aches and pains of a stressed body, reducing inflammation, and bringing ease and comfort.

--The HORMONE BALANCING SOAK, with Wild Yam & Shatavari, is for those times when a little grounding is needed, when emotions need to be rebalanced, and a state of emotional harmony restored.

Each bath is one container -- in other words, you pour the entire four or so pounds into one luxurious and healing bath. If you're seeking a profound change, you can soak in a bath every night for a week, or perhaps two or three times a week. Or, simply, enjoy an Ayurvedic bath whenever you need some effortless and lasting relief that begins, really, the minute you dip into the warm, healing and herbalized water.


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