New Laws – What’s New in 2010?

Law New

With the new year comes a variety of laws affecting how we live, work and play. Some of these new laws are effective January 1, others take effect at different times.

AB 12: Limits the amount landlords can charge for security deposits to one month’s rent.

AB 14: Allows tenants to store electric scooters and bicycles in their apartments if the batteries meet certain safety standards.

AB 62: Expands the definition of people who can be put on involuntary mental health holds. Previously, only those with intractable mental illness could be placed on a hold. Now, those unable to care for themselves or provide for their personal safety can also be placed on the hold.

When a bill passes through a committee, the staff writes a detailed report that describes the purpose and scope of the legislation. The reports are important tools used by the executive branch and the public to understand the bill. They include a section-by-section analysis of the bill, explain any changes to existing law and set forth precisely what the bill will accomplish.