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Liquid Gold, Ayurvedic Balancing Face Oil

Liquid Gold, Ayurvedic Balancing Face Oil

$ 180.00

Affectionately known as liquid gold, this deeply nourishing and herbally healing Ayurvedic face oil helps your skin not only look young, but be young. 

The concentrated doses of nutrients in Surya’s face oil are produced through three Ayurvedic extractions — water, oil, and lactic acid. The natural extractions of this ancient formula bring out each botanical’s maximum healing value. 

Combined with the high lipid content, and herbal vitamins and minerals, our liquid gold oil penetrates deeply for profound cellular turnover, balances pH, provides UV protection, absorbs easily, and quickly nourishes and realizes your skin. 

Surya innovates within Ayurveda, the comprehensive system of health and well-being born in India 10,000 years ago. Our signature face oil is made in a traditional 7-day process, with 23 herbs, 10 carrier oils, 3 kinds of milk, 4 essential oils and moonlight. This therapeutic face oil tones, tightens and brightens, leaving skin refreshed and renewed. 


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