Writing for Entertaiment


When writing for entertainment, it’s important to understand your audience. Including humor that is relatable to the reader can help engage them and lighten the mood. Additionally, it’s important to use techniques such as painting pictures with words and engaging all of the senses to transport the reader into the story.

Entertaining can take many forms, from a movie watched in solitude to a banquet for two; from a recitation of poetry to a concert for thousands. While the common understanding of entertain is amusement, entertainment can also have a serious purpose—as in the case of ceremonial and religious festivals or satire. Its adaptability and fluidity have ensured that entertain will always be relevant. Entertainment often hits on themes that the brain was evolved to react deeply to, such as social backstabbing and murders. This creates a strong emotional connection with the reader. It is for this reason that entertain has become so enduring.