What Is Law New?

The legal field is a rapidly changing one. New challenges arise at a fast pace and what was effective one quarter may not be so the next. Those who choose to work in this arena must be willing to adjust their approach in order to meet these demands. One concept that has gained in popularity and is helping to shape the way in which legal services are delivered is law new. The term can be hard to define but it generally means providing legal help in a different manner. It is about embracing technology and coming up with strategies that can serve clients well but are not part of the standard practice of a law firm.

Legislation created by a legislative body such as Congress is known as law new. It can be a bill or a statute. A bill is a proposed law that can be amended and voted on by the legislature. If passed it becomes a statute or an official law of the state. A statute is an official rule that governs behavior within a society or country.

For example, a California law signed this year allows the state to penalize oil companies that are accused of “fleecing” consumers at the pump. It also creates a watchdog that can investigate the market and price manipulation in the fuel industry.

Another example is a New York City law that requires city agencies to provide employees and job applicants with information about available student loan forgiveness programs. It also prevents general vendors and mobile food vendors from vending in bicycle lanes. Read the bill.