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5 Gold Bangles

5 Gold Bangles

$ 108.00

Martha has been wearing these gorgeous gold bracelets for years.  They’re more than beautiful — they originate in the temples in Southeast Asia, made from the dust of the 22k gold leaf offered in prayers.  The uplifting and healing power of these prayers can be felt in each bracelet. We’re excited to finally offer them to you all.

In the Buddhist temples, locals press small squares of precious gold leaf on Buddha sculptures as offerings, and bits of the gold fall in a fine dust — a powder around the statue’s base.  This 22k gold powder is carefully collected by the Monks, blessed  with more healing prayers, then brought to Bali to assemble these bangles. The bracelets are plastic and filled with gold leaf. Each bracelet is truly spiritually protective, and these days, at Surya, we value every kind of good protection.

It’s also good to note that a portion of profits from each purchase go to supporting the Balinese community, which has been terribly affected by COVID’s decimation of tourism. As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to inspire our connectedness and compassion, this is not only a way to energetically protect yourself through someone’s good efforts, but to return the kindness.  


Pack of 5. To keep your bangles in the best condition - put one on at a time and use moisturizer. This will prevent them from popping open. The bangles will stretch to fit, the regular size will fit most people!

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