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Ancient Organics

Ghee, From Grass-Fed, Organic, Cultured Butter

$ 12.00
Surya Spa’s organic Ghee is made from grass-fed, cultured cow’s butter, and prepared in the authentic, Ayurvedic method, including the traditional recitation of healing mantras, and even the traditional use of moonlight. Surya Spa’s Ghee can be used for home remedies such as soothing eye treatments, a balm for burns or skin rashes and before-bed foot massage, and of course for the kitchen and dining table, wherever you might use butter. Ghee, with it’s very high “smoke point,” doesn't burn easily during cooking, and because ghee’s stable saturated bonds aren’t damaged by heat, Ghee is less likely than other oils to form free radicals. And a spoon of Ghee in the morning makes your skin glow, your brain work in top form, and is fantastic for digestion.  It's also very delicious!

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