New York Laws – What is Law New?

law new

The practice of law is ever changing and it is important for lawyers to understand how to adapt. One concept that has gained traction in recent years is “law new.” It refers to new ways of providing legal services and can encompass everything from working with underserved communities to creating strategies that have not been used in traditional practice. While this is a small segment of the overall practice, it should be a focus for any lawyer that wishes to grow their firm and offer more value to clients.

New York City Laws & Rules

This week a number of new laws went into effect in New York, including recognition of Juneteenth as an official state holiday, the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act, streamlining construction of affordable housing and more. Read more.

How a bill becomes a law

A good understanding of how legislation is created is helpful for anyone interested in politics and policy making. This infographic explains the process that a bill goes through to become a law. It also discusses how this process is different in the House of Representatives and Senate.

New laws went into effect on July 1, including the recognition of Juneteenth as an official state holidays, the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act and changes to the way that criminal records are handled. Click through to learn more.

This new law requires the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, in consultation with the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP), to prepare a notice regarding student loan forgiveness programs for City agency employees and job applicants. DCWP would then make the notice available to employers in New York City and State agencies.

The law of New York is made up of constitutional, statutory and regulatory laws as well as case law and local ordinances and regulations. Consolidated laws and regulations form the general statutory law of New York, and these are updated regularly by both state legislatures and municipal governments. In addition to these consolidated laws, new legislation is passed by both houses of the State Legislature in Albany and the City Council in Manhattan.