New Year, New Law

The New Year brought major changes in New York, starting with a minimum wage increase to $16 per hour in NYC, Westchester and Long Island. Also in effect was a law expanding eligibility for crime victim resources and another prohibiting the use of force-feeding methods in animal shelters. New legislation also increased the availability of STI testing for the general public.

The concept of “law new” is a broad one, and it can encompass anything from new technologies to the delivery of legal services. But all of it involves embracing change and adapting to new trends in the practice of law.

This Feature takes a look at the evolution of this concept and how lawyers can leverage it to grow their practices. It is important for all lawyers to stay current on the latest developments in this area because it is not only a rapidly growing field, but it also represents an opportunity to reinvent their firms.

A bill is a draft of proposed legislation submitted to the legislature for consideration. It is not the same as an ordinance or regulation, which are administrative orders that affect the daily operations of the city and are not subject to judicial review. Bills can be drafted by members of the legislature, interest groups or state agencies and are submitted to the legislature for consideration by the Committee on Legislative Review or the New York State Assembly’s or Senate’s legislative bill drafters.

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An ordinance or rule is a set of regulations that affects the operation and safety of a government entity, such as a town, village, city, county or school district. These rules can be enforced by police or other law enforcement officials. They can also be enacted by state legislators through an amendment to a law or by the creation of a new law.

The New York State Legislature’s website contains information about the current laws of the state, including an interactive map displaying all the current laws and bills of the state. The site also includes a legislative history and other useful information for visitors.

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