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Keeping up with new legal developments is an ongoing challenge for any lawyer, but especially those working in areas like labor and employment law or workplace safety. These fields tend to change more rapidly than others, and strategies that work one quarter may not be as effective the next. To make sure their clients are getting the best legal advice possible, these lawyers need to know all about the latest developments in their field.

A recent example of a law new is the Consumer Review Fairness Act, which prohibits companies from using unfair tactics to prevent consumers from posting honest reviews on their websites or in other online forums. Some of these companies have used contract provisions in their online terms and conditions to threaten consumers with lawsuits or other financial penalties if they post negative reviews or complaints.

In addition to a general discussion of the law, the website offers links to relevant articles and other resources. This is particularly helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the area, as it allows them to see what is currently on the legal horizon in their jurisdiction. The site also includes a list of recent court decisions, as well as a link to the full text of any new or amended laws that have been adopted by a state.

Another useful resource available through the website is a detailed explanation of how a bill becomes law in the United States. The article is accompanied by an animation that shows the process from beginning to end, explaining each step and what it means for the future of the bill in question. The article is written in a straightforward, accessible manner, with clear and concise language and references to existing legislation.

Law New is also home to a blog that provides information about current events in the legal field. The blog is updated frequently, and a variety of topics are covered. The most popular posts include those about the Supreme Court, as well as other major changes to the legal system. There is even a section of the blog dedicated to the history of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

The Law Review also extends invitations to students who write outstanding papers through the Law Review’s Write-On Competition. These students are invited to join the Law Review during their first year of law school, after completing two semesters at NYLS and earning a cumulative GPA that ranks them in the top 15 percent of their division. All students who are invited to join the Law Review will be required to attend our orientation session, which takes place the summer before their 3L year. All students who are accepted to join the Law Review will be required to take either the day or evening section of our legal scholarship course during the semester they write their Case Comment. For further information, please visit our Orientation page.