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Tattva Ayurvedic Incense from India

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Tattva incense was inspired in 2002 by Ayurveda practitioner, Renu Gulati and her friend April Pierrot. The incense formulas were developed by Renu and a yogi from the Himalayas. Renu was a London based corporate lawyer who began her Ayurveda journey in 2000. She has studied under a traditional Ayurveda teacher in India since 2001 and holds an MSc in Ayurveda from the London Middlesex University. An Ayurveda Practitioner (specialising in Ayurveda nutrition), yoga teacher and holistic event organiser, Renu conducts and facilitates international Ayurveda and Yoga programmes/retreats across India. Tattva Incense is a cottage industry created to produce pure therapeutic incense and provide women in need with healthy jobs. A portion of the proceeds go towards a welfare school educating children near Lucknow. The herbs come from the Haridwar and Himalayan regions of India. Currently there are 16 women employed by Tattva Incense. Tattva incense is distributed in Australia and the U.K and is now branching out to North America. The employees at Tattva incense were all living below the poverty line. Most of the women are from farming backgrounds but as farming becomes more and more economically unsustainable, families are fleeing to the towns and cities for work. Some of the women are single parents due to divorce or death of their husbands. Others have husbands who are unemployed or alcoholics or both in Uttarakhand, a state in the northern part of India. Alcoholism amongst men is on the increase and many women are sustaining their families completely on their own. Handrolled in the Himalayas No toxic or synthetic substances

Kapha -

Earth Balance Spicy and Light A special blend of flowers, roots, herbs, and spices for a delightful healing aroma. Kapha nature is earthy. Feelings of dullness, lethargy and stagnation are associated with kapha imbalance. The spicy and light aroma of kapha incense shifts that "stuck feeling" to produce vigor, vitality and immunity.

Pitta -

Fire Balance Sweet and Cool A special blend of flowers, roots, herbs and spices for a delightful healing aroma. Pitta nature is fiery. Feelings of anger, agitation, frustration and obsessiveness are associated with pitta imbalance. The cool and sweet aroma of pitta incense pacifies these "pent up" emotions to bring about calm, collectedness and adaptability.

Tri-Doshic -

Balancing For All The Doshas Jatamansi is a fragrant, well-known Ayurvedic herb found in the Himalayas at an altitude of 12,000 feet. Jatamansi incense blended with other herbs has a number of therapeutic qualities when burnt. It balances the three Doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, increases alertness and concentration and calms the mind. Jatamansi improves health and helps curing high blood pressure, cough, asthma and insomnia. It also kills harmful bacteria in the surrounding environment.

Vata -

Air Balance Sweet and Warm A special blend of flowers, roots, herbs and spices for a delightful healing aroma. Vata nature is airy. Feelings of fear, restlessness, anxiety and spaciness are associated with vata imbalance. The warm, sweet earthy aroma of vata incense transforms these "all over the place emotions" encouraging groundedness and vitality.

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