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Home Testing: FDA-Approved Wellness Strips

$ 19.99


Surya, a wellness partner of Fasting Culture, is excited to make available the only wellness-based, medical-grade urine test -- FDA-approved, incredibly accurate, and easy to use at home. Best of all, we can rebalance the biomarker results with  Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle -- and the positive changes are medically verifiable. 

In the comfort of your own home, for only $9.99 per urine test, you literally own your healthcare. And there's no waiting... you know the results of 12 crucial medical biomarkers in 60 seconds.

Test as often as you like, and track the markers as your health improves.  With the help of Ayurvedic diet and therapies recommended by Martha Soffer, Surya’s founder, and/or by using Fasting Culture's own companion app, which tailors hundreds of recipes and ingredients to guide you to better health, you will not only feel better, but you can now medically verify those results, and in a way that your Western doctor will be delighted to see. 

These biodegradable urine test strips are the result of extensive medical R&D, and are not only FDA-approved (and CE-Certified), but 99.999% accurate in 12 important medical biomarkers. The sophisticated cameras in our phones give us a faster and more accurate analysis of our biomarkers than the older lab equipment for which we might pay hundreds of dollars at the doctor's office. In fact, the older cameras in those machines yield results that are only 85% accurate. Fasting Culture's test strips make health screening easy, effortless, and practical.  

This isn't just a "fun" test to do -- this is truly the revolution, and democratization, of medicine.  And best of all, with the companion app, you will improve your health and wellbeing with the missing nutrients of the natural foods you uniquely need, and when you retest, you will validate the results that you may already feel in your body.

Our results at Surya with clients has been amazing.  We also all use them here, ourselves!   

If you would like a more personalized reading of your results, and Martha's guidance, Surya is offering 30 minute FaceTime or Skype sessions with Martha for $120.  Choose the Martha add-on variant, above. You can schedule your consult by calling us at (310) 459-7715.

Fasting Culture Test Strips measure these 12 FDA and CE-certified Biomarkers:

Creatinine, Bilirubin, Leukocytes, pH, Calcium, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Ketone, Ascorbate, Protein, Microalbumin, & Specific Gravity.

Each test strip is built with a commitment to quality, and to the environment, FDA / CE certified & 100% Biodegradable.

To learn more, visit our Fasting Culture page.

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