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European Far Infrared System

European Far Infrared System

$ 1,705.00

We know you miss panchakarma, and we’ve got you covered. 

You can't do Panchakarma at Surya all the time (and especially not now!), but we've got you covered with one of the best pieces of home detox gear we know, and the same we use at Surya for all our clients, from our partner in the UK, the global leader in Low to Zero EMF Far Infrared technology, GET FITT. Get Fitt produces the highest quality medical-grade infrared tools we've ever found, and they help profoundly with detoxification, pain management, and general health and vitality.  

Martha loves how these products provide our body with the all healing radiance of the sun, without any of the damaging properties of the sun, allowing for optimum circulation, detoxification, and anti-aging properties, as well as noticeable and lasting relief from both short-term and chronic pain. At Surya, we only use Get Fitt’s products because of their commitment high-output infrared, and EMF-free safety. The treatment tables at Surya Spa are fitted with these systems, to deepen each client's healing experience.
Now you can recreate that blissful warmth and rejuvenating healing in your own bed with a home infrared therapy system of your own. And you can share the healing benefits with your whole family. 

How it works:
  1. Far Infrared rays are the very same rays in natural sunlight responsible for photosynthesis in plants. They are not the damaging UV rays (ultraviolet) that cause sunburn and worse.
  2. Far Infrared warms your body and cells from within, like the sun on your back during a spring day. This inner warmth heals without overheating, or, form an Ayurvedic perspective, without aggravating your Pitta, or fire energy. 
  3. When your cells absorb Far Infrared energy, they increase in metabolic activity. That increase creates heat, and your revitalized cells then use that energy to detoxify and regenerate from the inside out.


    The Cocoon Sol comprises a 2 zone heated Far Infrared Sauna Blanket with 2 sets of
    temperature controls. This can also be opened up and used as a mat for 2 people to take a treatment simultaneously.
    The unit has 2 sets of temperature controls one for the underside and top of the unit so that each person can have individual temperature control.

    The Eco Mat is a FIR mat and sleep system that generates Zero EMF’s. It has a digital controller for precise temperature control. In addition it has a timer as well as a delay timer to switch it on just before you wake up in the morning.
    Available in single or double size.

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