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Kauai Cold Pressed Raw Honey

$ 90.00

Raising honey bees in top-bar, hollow log hives has given us the opportunity to capture all of the Kauai’s botanical wisdom in our limited jars of honey.

Cold-pressing our free-formed comb renders a rich honey containing: 200,000 fermented pollen corns per gram; dark, burgundy swirls of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal propolis; and dense concentrations of silica oils. This gives each of our jars of honey unique flavors and medicinal properties, with varying compositions based on the ecosystems of our different apiaries.

What is interesting about our Honey is that in Kaua’i, part of the worlds most isolated land mass, there are some of the rarest plant species on earth.

Specifically, plants in the Myrtacea family. This is more commonly known as the Myrtle family of plants.

What makes them special is that they all are know to contain very special properties and contain unique oils. Common examples are eucalyptus (we have the tea tree, rainbow, and other species here) as well as guava, allspice, clove, and the Suriname Cherry tree.  What is really unique is that we also have one of the rarest trees in the Myrtle family, the 'Ohi'a.  We have the native 'Ohi'a lehua in a every high valley on the island. Native Hawaiians used these ‘Ohi’a leaves to make a medicinal tea.

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