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Panchakarma Series, 1-21 Days

$ 720.50

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Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s traditional detoxifying, rejuvenating and re-balancing cleanse, for a return to health and well-being. Surya, situated in a quiet canyon, offers Panchakarma in three to four hour daily sessions, followed or proceeded by a simple, organic ayurvedic lunch. Oils and herbs at Surya are organic or wild-crafted, and everything is hand-made, including the ghee, for example, from raw, grass-fed butter. All treatments are prepared uniquely for each client, including the daily oils which are herblaized and cooked each night for each guest. Panchakarma at Surya is nourishing, restorative, healing and balancing, and can have profound and transformative effects. Accommodations are possible in either the clinic’s guest apartment, or nearby.

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