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Mini Consultation and Custom Abhyanga Oil

Mini Consultation and Custom Abhyanga Oil

$ 195.00

We deeply miss doing in-person treatments with you all... and Martha really misses it!   Since we're still denied the pleasure of your company, we’ve designed a way for you to experience one of the unique elements of a personalized Surya treatment in your own home, no matter where the home is — a custom-made herbalized body and massage oil that Martha will brew uniquely for your specific situation and current imbalances, which she’ll assess in a private, 30-minute video call.

Martha makes each of her custom oils by hand, choosing 10-20 Ayurvedic herbs to fit your needs, then slowly cooking them in nourishing oils to infuse into the oils the herbs’ healing properties. This creates a rich, sensuous, and medicinal oil that not only feels wonderful, but seeps transdermally deep into your tissues, pulling out toxins, and healing as needed.

In your video consultation, Martha will look at your tongue, as well as other elements of your face, and then assess and discuss your current state of health, so that she can create the most effective custom oil for you. She’ll also tell you how to use your oil for your own at-home spa treatments, which are simple to do and can be as short or as long as you have time for. With this, while we’re still a little isolated, you can experience the benefits of some Surya treatment magic, designed just for you, right at home.

Price includes the custom oil. Once you have purchased, we will reach out to get your consultation scheduled. 

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