Business News

Business news is the section of journalism that covers the economic and financial activities and changes that take place within societies. It is an area of journalism that can be found in newspapers, magazines and online sources. The scope of business news can be broad, covering large issues and events that affect all areas of society, or it may focus on a specific industry such as manufacturing or retail. The language used in business news is generally formal and factual with a strong emphasis on accuracy.

In the most general sense, a business is an establishment that provides goods or services in exchange for monetary compensation. This can be done for profit, or non-profit, as in the case of a charitable organization. Businesses range in size from small sole proprietorships to large international corporations. Regardless of size, a business must comply with legal and regulatory standards in order to operate.

A key element of business is that it creates value. While the desire to make a profit is one way to measure this value, many businesses seek additional measures of success beyond profitability. Some of these measures include environmental sustainability, ethical practice and social responsibility. While it is easy to criticize the actions of some businesses, few, if any, are guilty of intentionally defrauding or harming others.

Most of the news outlets that carry business news are national in scope, although some local and regional publications may also cover this topic. Some of the most popular sources for business news are newspapers, television and radio. In addition to these major sources, many industry-specific journals and periodicals also feature business news articles. These are usually referred to as trade publications and can be found through industry guides or by searching online.

Skye Schooley is a business writer for Business News Daily, where she has covered topics like HR management and technology, organizational culture and leadership. She has also reviewed a wide range of business solutions including HR software, PEO services and time and attendance systems. Her background includes experience in human resources and corporate communications.